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Hiyo!!!!! (As my 3 year old puts it)


My name is Courtney, but my friends call me Court and if I have the honor of photographing your family then you automatically become my friend. That's just how it is. It'll be great. I actually may become better friends with your kids, though, because kids are THE best. They have no filter when it comes to their mouth and no restraints when it comes to their hearts. I have a witty little girl, Bonnie, with my boyfriend of 8-ish years. We all live with our dog and cat. They run the show. I'm located in eastern North Carolina and decided to become a professional photographer while going to East Carolina University for coastal and environmental planning while also attending Pitt Community College for photography. I'm way too much of an emotional person for politics. Started in NC, moved to Boston for a while, came back here because that shit was expensive, started a family, took a bit of a break from adding on new clients, three years later I'm back in the game because being a stay at home parent is really f'ing hard and time consuming especially in the beginning because you don't know what the hell you're doing. But now with the help of Shaun the Sheep, Daniel Tiger, and the 6 hours a week the kid goes to school I can get more done. I hate blogging (if you can't tell from my last post being, like, from three years ago) just as much as I hate washing the dishes and instead post a bit more on Insta and Facebook ... but not a whole lot. Wine, peanut butter filled pretzels, gardening, and music keep me sane.


So, after being behind the camera for almost two decades (that's right ... being carded brightens my day) I have discovered more of who I am as a person and artist as well as what I love to and want to photograph. Families that have fun, let shit slide, are alright with their kids clothing get dirty, want their pets in their photos, and have home that looks lived in ... you guys are my people. I want our sessions to be an experience. A wonderfully memorable experience. While having fun I will still capture gorgeous portraits to go along with those real-life photos. Because while I am still all about the fun moments I am totally drawn to timeless portraiture as well. With that being said, weddings are not out of my realm, but after photographing enough of them I am very particular about what kind of weddings I will take on. I do not care what color, nationality, gender, or religion you and your partner are. I just care that your wedding is for you ... not a million other people or a magazine showcase. I have very strong feelings about the wedding industry and am more so drawn to smaller intimate weddings instead of enormous throw downs. I just want to capture real love for you. Also, I will travel. It'll be like a mini vacation where I get to do what I love and can maybe sleep past 7 am.


That is me and my style in a nutshell. Hope you decide to get in touch so we can start documenting your ever-changing family <3


Photo Cred to Jaclyn Morgan Photography <3