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So, my last blog post was just over THREE years ago and a lot has happened since then. Obviously. I mean, who can not have some sort of big life changes in their 30's within 3 years, right??!!?!?! 

The question that I get asked most about photography is if I still do it ... and the answer is YES!!! I stopped taking on a lot of new clients the past few years and focused more-so on being a mom. We also lost my mom pretty suddenly as well as our sweet pitty (Moose), there was also a cervical cancer diagnosis, and a really rough miscarriage. It's been a rough three years to say the least. But as we grow older life gets harder and harder, right?

Lately, I have had a pretty strong feeling that I am entering a new stage in my life and that it is going to be beautiful. It is time to move past the comfortable sadness that I have gotten so used to. I'm ready to meet new families, laugh and be silly with all of the kids, cry happy tears when I see little baby yawns, rub as many dog bellies as I can, and just take in how lovely and different each family can be. With everything that I have experienced in these few short years it has made me see life differently and helped me have a better understanding of how quickly our seasons change.

A line in a song from one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers, has been in my brains rotation daily. Every time that I start to doubt myself and my past choices and question where I am in my life I simply hear this simple and beautiful chorus ...

"But I can't go back
And I don't want to
'Cause all my mistakes
They brought me to you"

I hear this and I think about my girl and am so appreciative of everywhere that I have been and every decision that I have made because if I had possibly changed the direction of one of those "mistakes" I could very possibly not have her. And she is my wonderful little world. She can sense my sadness so easily these days. It's time to move forward. There will always be sadness I'm just not going to let it control the direction of my life anymore. 

Soooooooooooo, get in touch with me if you are at all interested in a session!!!!!!!!!! Let's make some beautiful memories together <3

Below are a few personal photos for your viewing pleasure ;)

The M Family | Greenville, NC | North Carolina Family Photographer

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Wow. It has been a LONG time since this blog has seen any love from moi!!! You would think that this winter would have been filled with catching up on this piece, but no. This winter has been one for the books. Anyways, an announcement on that later, gators ;)
So, let me tell you a little bit about this family. First of all, they are awesome. Secondly, they are super tight. An thirdly, they are in LOVE with their new addition!!!!! I met mama 13-ish years ago during a really tough time in my life. She was the head DA on a case of mine where one of my best friends and I were hit by a drunk driver. Long story short, she kicked butt and he went to prison. Flash forward to the present and she is still kicking butt in the courtroom, married a really great guy, has had the good fortune of becoming a stepmom to two really beautiful gentlemen, and become a mama to one really sweet little baby boy :)
I hope that you all enjoy a little bit of sweetness from their session with me!




























































A Woodsy Summertime Maternity Session | Greenville, NC | North Carolina Maternity Photographer

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Remember when the summertime??? Sitting on your porch with a friend or a good book while enjoying some cold tea, driving down the road with the music blaring and the windows down while you pretend to be the best vocal artist ever, letting the kiddos run through the sprinkler after naptime??? Am I killin' some of you out there that aren't digging this cold weather?!!?!??! Weeeeeeeeeeellllllll, this session took place on probably the hottest day of the summer. We were sweating before we even started walking to our location! And while it was pretty muggy & buggy we kept our good attitudes and got some really gorgeous film and digital photos ... and some sweaty cloths ;)

Hope y'all enjoy few lovelies from this session and keep an eye our for their newborn session because I get to meet this sweet little fella in less than 10 days!!!!! 


The Announcement of Baby Numero Dos | The Tucker Family | North Carolina Family Photographer

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One little lady thinks that having a new baby sibling is "the perfect birthday present ever"!!!!!

This sweet little family tried for a while for this new baby and it just so happens that the timing worked out perfectly! They couldn't be happier to be a growing family and know that big sister, Alex, will be amazing at her new family title :)

Ashley grabbed a hold of my maternity and newborn special and threw in this mini session to document what their family was like before the newest addition shows up as well as get the perfect announcement for their friends and family!!! Since they are animal lovers and rescuers they also booked a spot for my Halloween mini sessions which are set up to help the Pet Food Pantry of Eastern NC! I'm so excited to have two more sessions with them next year and can't wait to meet this new little bambino as well as hangout with this silly little girl again!

Hope y'all enjoy checking out their photographs!


and of course a booty shakin' photo ;)

The Flannagan Family Sneak Peek | Greenville, NC | North Carolina Family Photographer

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Enjoy the little sneak peek of the sweet familia ;)


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